FAQ Frequently asked questions

  • What is NextMyles.com?
    NextMyles is an online aggregator and provides a platform dedicated to the transportation industry. Users can search truck availability, tariff, service provider ratings and book the service.
  • How can NextMyles services help me?
    Customer who need truck transport services generally have to call multiple vendors or truck companies to find out the best rate, availability and service provided by specific service provider. NextMyles brings users and truck service providers in a single platform offering transparency and convenience. Users can search various service providers offering their service on a particular route, tariff, extent of service and rating, and provide feedback about the service. NextMyles does appropriate due diligence on service provider before on-boarding. Fleet owners/service providers also get an opportunity to increase the utilization of their truck especially during backhaul and dead miles.
  • Who are the users of NextMyles?
    Fleet Owners, individual and institutional customers seeking truck services, Fleet service Agents, transporters, dealers, distributors, manufacturing companies, small and big truck owners, exporters, wholesalers, storage hubs, godowns, logistics etc.
  • Who can use NextMyles?
    NextMyles can be used by both goods owners as well as truck owners. A truck owner can enlist oneself to find suitable loads, whereas Goods owners can plan search for available trucks.
  • How do I confirm my registration?
    You can confirm your registration by clicking on the link sent to your registered email address or OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Once our team calls you and verifies the details submitted, the registration process is completed.
  • How important are registered email addresses and mobile numbers?
    All the communications related to your account and transactions shall be done to the registered email addresses and mobile numbers. The booking confirmation will be sent to registered email address. Sometimes, we ask you to verify the transactions through email or mobile communication. Hence both these modes are critical.
  • How do I log into my account?
    Please click on ‘Login’ tab, enter your username and password. Once logged in, you can click on ‘My Account’ tab to view your details including billing and transaction history.
  • Forgot my password, what do I do?
    You can click on Forgot Password link on the login page. You will be asked to enter an email address or mobile number. Once entered, you will receive an email and SMS to reset the password. Follow the instructions to reset the password. Your revised password is ready for use.
  • Who can see my contact details?
    Contact details are visible to anyone who searches for the cities you have specified. The location specified by the Goods/Truck owner should be within 100 KMs of the Truck/Load available, to appear in the search.
  • How would I correspond with you?
    We esteem your Inputs! We require your critique (however positive or negative), and your feedback to enhance our administrations. So for your convenience we have furnished a structure on the contact page. It would be ideal if you do not hesitate to give your perspective.
  • How do I know that the Order is confirmed or not?
    Once the order is placed and payment is involved, the User will get an email and SMS on the registered email address and mobile number confirming placement of order. Once the Order is processed by the internal team, the User will get an email with an invoice, and SMS confirming the Order.
  • Is it necessary to have an account for posting on NextMyles.com?
    Yes, customers can view and search by signing into an account. A user is required to have a registered account while posting the service offering, as fleet owner or agent. Registration helps the support team verify and validate the authenticity of the service provider.
  • How do I sign up for NextMyles?
    Users can register online by visiting www.NextMyles.com or through our mobile app. The process of registering is simple and in case the user needs any support or help while creating an account, our customer care at 9343434222 will be happy to help you. For service providers, our teams verify and validate the details before the sign up process is completed.
  • I am a Truck Supplier; how can I use NextMyles?
    Users can see the postings and navigate the public section without any service charges. However, there is a nominal service fee for doing transaction through NextMyles. For more details, please visit our applicable charges section. As a Truck Supplier, first you visit Load board and check if any matching loads are available. If yes, you can submit your interest or submit a quote. If any matching loads are not available, you can submit your Truck availability. Visitors can see your trucks. Also, if any load that matches your requirement is published, you will get an automatic alert on your desktop, mobile app, or SMS. If Truck User shortlists your quotation, he or she will initiate the e-confirmation wherein you agree to the terms. Once completed, both parties get e-confirmation through email/SMS. You are now ready to send the truck.
  • Step by step instructions to enroll as Transporter/Client?
    The enrollment on our website is extremely basic. Complete the fields such as the name of the organization, office address, number of vehicles, name of holder, contact no and so on. You will get an SMS and a mail where you will affirm the enrollment. You have to mail the duplicates of your Pan card, Registration testament, Bank passbook front page with the address for finishing the enlistment handle. The document duplicates could be sent at the workplace address or mailed.
  • What are the other things which I should keep in mind while transaction through NextMyles?
    Always ensure that you have selected the correct service and service provider including all associated service components. Kindly note that, every user has to comply with Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • How current is the information on your website?
    Most of the information related to the postings by customers, has a fixed validity depending upon the services offered. Once this validity is over, the information automatically gets deleted. Though we try our best to provide updated information, we do not guarantee that whether the customer/service provider is providing current information or the old information in the posting. Users have to make necessary due diligence and verify these details.
  • How much does it cost to use NextMyles?
    Users can see the postings and navigate the public section without any service charges. However, there is a nominal service fee for doing a transaction through NextMyles. When a truck owner or load owner is hired through NextMyles, only then the Users have to pay Transaction Fees. Transaction fees are calculated based on the Freight Value and such percentage varies depending upon the type of customer, type of Truck Service used, etc. fees are paid by users.
  • How do I Pay?
    There are multiple options that are available. Users can pay online through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking Facility, Cash Card, Mobile payments, etc. Apart from this, Users can also pay through Cheque, Demand Draft, and Bank Transfer. We do not encourage payments through cash. We are continuously adding more and more avenues for payments. Users can contact Customer Care for further details.
  • Is it safe to use Credit Card / Debit Card on NextMyles.com?
    NextMyles does not save any Credit Card or Debit Card information. The payment is routed through a secured payment gateway from CCAVENUE, which maintains the highest standards of security. Further details of CCAVENUE can be obtained at www.ccavenue.com.
  • Can I cancel my posting?
    Yes. A cancellation or closing of any posting can be done by selecting the “Mark Sold” option below each posting.
  • Why is my account closed/expired?
    As a registered user, you agree to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy set by the NextMyles and Leadmax technologies Pvt Ltd. If we find out about a breach of this agreement, any misuse of the facility extended or any unlawful activities, we may close your account. NextMyles reserves the rights to blacklist any user, if the users do not comply with the agreed terms. If you have not paid the transaction fees, your account will be disabled. You may contact Customer Care for further information.